June 14, 2024
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YouTube Short Video Download – 4 Best Methods

Hey guys what is up. In this particular post, we will be talking about What are YouTube Shorts? How we can copy links for YouTube Short video Download and how to download YouTube Shorts videos on Android.

As we all are aware of the Instagram reels that are so much popular in the digital world that most people are making reels to become famous. Like that YouTube has expanded its content reach by introducing a new concept that is YouTube shorts. Here you get a chance to create short-short videos ranging from 15 to seconds. 

This concept was launched after seeing the success of TikTok and Instagram reels. This feature allows users to watch short, refreshing, crunchy, and entertaining short videos along with the videos which were available on YouTube.

As we know users love to download their favorite YouTube videos which they don’t want to miss by their favorite content creators. In the same way, you can download YouTube shorts too. As many users love to share their favorite YouTube shorts videos on their stories or any other social media platform. So they can do that by downloading Shorts. I will also share some easy ways to download these shorts on their android/ iPhones.


What are YouTube Shorts?

youtube short video download methods

YouTube short is a platform where any user can create a video related to anything that can be a dance video, prank video, vlog video. This platform was launched by YouTube on March 18, 2021. That video should be less than 15 seconds or less. This application is in the first-ever beta of shorts. YouTube shorts is one of the latest short-video creator platforms that allows anyone to create a short video; This will allow you to record music from any music library, timer, countdown, and we can control the speed of the video. 

All these editing features are built-in YouTube shorts. According to reports from the parent company, YouTube will be adding some new features like improved camera quality and some new editing tools in some time in Shorts.

In simple language, we can conclude that Shorts is a new way to showcase your talent on YouTube shorts and gain popularity. 

According to reports from Alphabet, every month YouTube is used by 2 billion users all across the world to watch videos on any topic like education, technology, dance, pranks, and entertainment related. So there is a chance to reach this audience and gain some loyal fans. 

King Kohli making youtube shorts

YouTube takes reviews from users and content creators to develop shorts on this feedback which is why Shorts is currently operating in beta version. The first version of YouTube shorts was available in India for Android users only. Later, it will be expanded and will be launched internationally. 

  • Open the YouTube app or in your browser.
  • Choose the short you want to download.
  • In the bottom right corner go to the “Share” option.
  • Click on the share option.
  • A new pop-up will open up.
  • Click on the Copy Link option
  • Copy, Cheers links are copied. 

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How to download YouTube shorts videos

-> Download Your Own YouTube Shorts:

This way is for those content creators that have their own YouTube channel and wish to download their own uploaded YouTube short videos in a way to have a backup of their content. This can be done easily by going to the drop-down menu and selecting YouTube Creator Studio on their Pc or Desktop. The steps are as follow:

  1. Open the browser on your desktop and open YouTube.
  2. Enter your credentials and log in to your YouTube account.
  3.  In the top right corner click on the YouTube logo.
  4. Select the YouTube studio option.
  5. On the left-hand side click on the content option. This will take you to all the videos and shorts that you have uploaded to date.
  6. Go to the video or short that you want to download. 
  7. Take the cursor to the video.
  8. Click on three dots.
  9. Select the download option.
  10. The video that you want to download will start downloading.

-> How to download someone else YouTube shorts:

YouTube allows users to download other creators and users YouTube videos and shorts so you can watch that video in offline mode too. If you think that you can download video while offline in your smartphone storage then it is not possible. Downloaded videos for offline viewing will be available in the YouTube application only. For that, you need to open a YouTube app. If you want to do that then here are steps to do the same.

  1. Open your YouTube application in your location. 
  2. Search for the short that you want to download.
  3. In the bottom left corner go to the channel name.
  4. Here you will be able to see all the YouTube videos and shorts uploaded by the owner on that channel.
  5. Tap on the channel again and then tap on the videos option.
  6. Now go to the specific short video that you want to download.
  7. Click on the three dots present and click on the Download video option.

> Another way to download YouTube short of any other creator is:

  1. On the YouTube short video click on the music icon present in the lower right corner.
  2. You will see the title and thumbnail of that short video.
  3. Tap on the arrow present next to the title, it will open shorts in a way you see normal Youtube videos.
  4. You will see the download option under the video tap on it and your desired video will be downloaded.

The YouTube shorts videos downloaded by both these methods will be only accessible using the YouTube application only. To play any downloaded short videos go to the YouTube library. This option can be seen in the bottom right corner. Tap on the download videos, play the desired video, and enjoy.

-> Download YouTube Shorts Using Online Downloaders:

If you want to download any YouTube short video as an mp4 video file on your smartphone then that is also possible. This can be done using any online tool that is capable of downloading any short videos. This method is also helpful and can also be used to download any YouTube video on a smartphone. 

You can search for any YouTube short video downloader tool on Google. To download any video copy the link to the short that you want to download. Open the tool and paste the link to the shorts. Many tools provide you to download videos in different resolutions according to your choice.

> Steps to do same:

  1. Open YouTube application. Search for the short video that you want to save on your device.
  2. Copy the link to that video by simply clicking on the share button.
  3. Open any YouTube short video downloading site and paste the link in the space meant for the link.
  4. Tap on the search button present next to the box. 
  5. Now that tool will show you options of the resolutions in which those shorts can be downloaded.
  6. Click on the download option present next to the resolution option.
  7. Hurray, your video is downloaded.

> List of some famous YouTube shorts downloaders are:

Online tools to download youtube short video

-> Download YouTube Shorts Using an App:

If you frequently download YouTube shorts videos and find any website a bit difficult. Then you can use some open source applications to download YouTube shorts on your smartphone. These types of applications allow you to download as many shorts again and again without any limit. 

> List of open source applications that allow you to download shorts:

open source applications youtube short video download
  • NewPipe app
  • Vidmate
  • Tube friend

> Steps to download any short video app are the same for all:

  1. Go to any browser.
  2. Search for any of the open-source shorts video downloads.
  3. Click on download and install applications by permitting to download apps from unknown sources.
  4. Copy the link of the shorts that you want to download in the same method given above. 
  5. On the top right corner, you will see a search option.
  6. Paste the link to the shorts that you want to download.
  7. Press Enter.
  8. All these applications will show the preview of the video that you want. 
  9. Once the preview is loaded completely.
  10. Choose your favorite video resolution in which you want to download.
  11. Click on the download now option. 
  12. Cheers, your favorite shorts are downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download YouTube Shorts videos on iPhone?


As you have seen 4 different working methods of your favorite YouTube short video download. If you wish to watch your favorite YouTube short videos while offline then there are 2 methods. Mostly, users prefer to download videos in mp4 format to their favorite creators without any buffering for that you can use the last 2 methods. Also, with the help of the last 2 methods, you can easily share those on other social media platforms. Also, you can share those videos with your friends and family members. 

I hope I was able to resolve and guide you with the proper solution. If you like reading this post comment below. If you have any doubts related to the same then comment below. Thank You so much for reading.

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