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What is deep learning? How it works?

Hey guys, what is up. In this particular post, we will be talking about what is deep learning. How this technology works and what is the difference between machine learning and deep learning.

Updated on 29/9/2021


What is deep learning?

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Deep learning is a machine learning method that instructs the computers to do what comes clearly to human minds means understanding by example. This is the basic technology behind cars without drivers. It helps them to realize stop signs, traffic lights or to determine a pedestrian or zebra crossing from a distance. It is the basic element in voice/ sound control in devices like mobile phones, tablets, television, and Bluetooth speakers. This technology is gaining lots of awareness newly because of its quality reasons. It is attaining good outcomes that were not possible earlier.

In deep learning, a system grasps to do the differentiating job directly from pictures, texts, or by voice. These patterns can attain state-of-the-art correctness sometimes showing results that are above the human level. Systems get education by using a lot of labeled data and multi-level network building that contains a lot of levels.

Why deep learning is important?

How does deep learning achieve such magnificent results?

Deep learning attains identification accuracy at big levels than ever before. This helps customer devices reach consumer hopes. It is important for security applications such as driverless cars. In the latest tests, it has upgraded to a certain point in which it is found better than humans in some functions such as sorting of articles in pictures.

While this technology first came into existence in the 1980s. Because of only 2 reasons, it has newly become important:

  • It requires a huge quantity of labeled data. For instance: driverless cars need millions of pictures and thousands of hours of video for smooth working.
  • It also needs major computing capability. High-execution GPUs are important that is effective for this technology. When combined with cloud computing, this helps teams to decrease teaching time for a network from months to weeks or even less.


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  • The application of this is used in places from medical gadgets to driverless cars.
  • In driverless cars, developers are using this technology to automatically identify things like traffic lights and stop signs. Moreover, it is use to determine footpaths, which helps in reducing accidents.
  • In the field of defense and aerospace. This technology helps in detecting things from satellites that are areas of profits and tracing safe and unsafe zones for the army.
  • Cancer researchers are applying this technology to identify cancer cells. Some microscopes are develop that are taught to detect cancer cells accurately. 
  • It helpful in increased worker’s safety around big machinery that identifies when people or things are within an unsafe distance from machines.
  • This technology is in use in speech and hearing. It is use in home appliances that respond to your sound and do the prefer tasks. 

Difference Between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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Deep learning is a special form of ml. The machine learning workflow begins with appropriate articles being physically taken out from pictures. Then that articles are used to create a pattern that classifies the articles in the pictures. In deep learning, these patterns are taken out automatically by the system from the pictures. Moreover, deep learning performs all the work from beginning to end. It is provided with raw information and a job to do, such as classification and it learns itself how to do the task.

Another basic difference is that deep learning patterns scale with information whereas machine learning intersects. One of the most important benefits of deep learning is that it frequently resumes to upgrade itself as the size of information increases.

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