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GPUs for gaming

What are GPUs? What does a GPU do? Uses of GPUs

Hey guys, what is up. In this particular post, we will be discussing what are GPUs. What does a GPU does and what they are used for?

Updated on 05.10.2021

We all know that the central processing unit (CPU) is also known as the computer’s silicon brain. Then, the graphics processing unit (GPU) is the emotion or the soul. Moreover, we can say it is the eye-catching side, helping graphical user interfaces into visibly glamorous icons and patterns rather than 1900s type black and white lines. Over the last decade, many CPUs came with integrated GPUs to guarantee better quality and attractive designs. GPUs have banged the AI in the whole world. These units are now a key component of current supercomputing. They all have to work to produce new hyperscale data centers.

Graphics processing innovation has expanded to produce the best quality results in the world of computing. The latest processing technology opens new standards in the world of content writing, machine learning, deep learning, and most importantly, the gaming field, and many more. It is like a boon for gamers, as they speed up all the works from encryption to network to artificial intelligence. Moreover, they are producing new possibilities in gaming and the best graphics in desktop PCs, workstations, and also the latest generation laptops.

What are GPUs


What are GPUs?

Now, the graphics processing unit is plenty more than the PCs in which they were first produced. As they remain in a much earlier design called parallel computing. This is what makes them so much powerful and strong. Quick and variable, CPUs contests with a chain of tasks that needs a lot of communication.

In GPUs, it breaks all the hard and complex issues into millions of different functions and works them out at one time. That builds them best for graphics, where quality, lighting, and the displaying of shapes it to be done at a single time. To have pictures floating all across the screen.

What does a GPU do?

Most important, the graphics processing unit has now become one of the best and main types in the computing world, both for personal and big-business computing. It is created for parallel processing, this processing technology has numerous applications in the field of graphics and video editing. Moreover, they are best acknowledged for their abilities in the sector of gaming. It is mostly loved by gamers and kids. These units are becoming more famous because of their capabilities in the field of creative production, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

What are GPUs-machine learning

Earlier, these were created to increase the rendering of 3 dimensional (3D) objects. With time, they became more tensile and programmable, amplifying their abilities. This empowered graphics designers to build better and more fascinating visual effects. Also, practically possible scenes with the best quality lighting and shadowing fashion. Other innovators also started to test the ability and power of GPUs to energetically accelerate extra tasks in high-performance computing (HPC), deep learning, and many more.

What are GPUs used for?

Even though graphics processing units normally tend to link with genuine graphics in best-quality video games, other production houses also use them.


For example, in marketing applications like AutoCAD, this unit gives the advantage of rendering 3 dimensional (3D) objects. Also, this type of application requires constant change in a very less period, the PC which is use for this purpose must be eligible for withstanding the pressure of the editing process.

Moreover, another famous use of this processing unit is in video modifying. This is mainly accurate when working with a huge amount of high-resolution files, mainly 4k videos or 360-degree. Many times it can be tedious to modify these high-quality video files for standard quality GPUs. Therefore, here comes the requirement for a high-quality GPU. With the help of these, it is easily possible to transcode the video files at a very high speed.


GPUs featured

Video games have become more famous because of their hyper-practical graphics. With modern display technologies, such as 4k screens and the best refresh rates, with the increase of virtual reality gaming, demands on graphic processing are developing fast. GPUs are able of rendering graphics and patterns in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. With better graphic presentation, games are more loved at higher resolution, at higher frame rates, or both.  

GPU for Machine Learning:

Furthermore, this technology is exceptionally helpful when it comes to the development of neural networks. Also, in machine learning technology. This task can be enormous for a CPU due to the large quantity of data required in the process. These can provide unbelievable acceleration in workloads that take the benefit of the highly parallel creation of the GPUs, such as image recognition in machine learning and deep learning. Many of the modern deep technologies depend on GPU working than on CPUs.

Despite this, it is compulsory to mention that not all GPUs are made equivalent. These best-quality units are manufacture by many semiconductor industry giants, like Nvidia and AMD. These are also famous for providing high-level components to some of the famous tech companies, from Microsoft to Google and Facebook too.

In the upcoming post, you will be getting information related to the two-dimensional arrays in c++. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

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