May 21, 2024

What are the Advantages of Virtual Numbers for SMS

Now almost all popular sites have introduced registration by linking the phone number. It’s not safe to indicate your personal number, because there is always the risk of data leakage and the number falling into the hands of fraudsters. Many online stores and course sites are constantly sending newsletters and spam, which distract from important things and make you nervous. To keep your privacy and save your nerves from annoying ads, you can use a virtual number rental.

What is a Virtual Number?

Virtual phone number for SMS is similar to the usual cell phone numbers, but they work only on the Internet and are only for receiving text messages. You don’t need a SIM card or cellular service to use them, and you can use them from any device with Internet access.

A virtual phone number for SMS is very easy to use and completely anonymous. All you need to do to connect it is to register on a specialized resource and follow a couple of simple steps. We will tell you more about this at the end of our article.

Why do I need a virtual phone number, and why is it so popular?

A virtual phone number allows you to register with any web service while remaining anonymous. When registering in various web services the user must fill out a form and indicate the phone number among other personal data. This is done for further possibility of SMS-authentication. But more often it is a marketing ploy that gives the site the right to send promotional offers, so many users feel free to use a virtual phone number to register.

Another reason for the popularity of buying an online number instead of specifying a personal phone number is the need to create a second page on the same resource where the user already has a primary account. If you sign up with the same number that was previously listed, the web service may consider it a multi-account or even link the pages to each other.

This is why a temporary number for SMS is a real opportunity to create a second user page, and separate, for example, work and personal purposes, or simply to remain anonymous and thereby take care of personal safety.

Why is it convenient to use virtual numbers?

Numbers of this type have their own advantages. By using this service, you can:

1. You can choose a phone number in any country. It can be England, Canada, Germany, Honduras – no restrictions.
2. You can use virtual number in any place where there is an internet connection. You don’t need to look for mobile operator’s coverage area.
3. No need to change SIM-cards or phones – use Virtual Number from any gadget in any browser.
4. Numbers aren’t attached to your personal data. Use these numbers anonymously and don’t have to give any personal data.
5. Thanks to very low cost of renting such phone number, you can save your personal money.
6. You can get virtual number very quickly and easily – just register on a specialized SMS verification service and top up your balance. Connection is available 24 hours a day, takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to get a virtual number for SMS?

If you want to buy a virtual number, then today you can do it on the website SMS-man. The company offers its customers quality service, which reliability everyone can be convinced of by personal experience. Advantageous conditions make the purchase of a virtual number here a rational decision.

A detailed instruction on how to obtain a virtual number for receiving SMS:

1. Sign up at
2. Go to the payment page and top up your balance with the necessaryamount to buy a virtual number.
3. On the main page you have to choose only two parameters. Thefirst is the country of the virtual number, and the second – theservice where you plan to use it.
4. Click “buy” button next to the selected service to get virtual phonenumber. It will automatically appear at the top of the homepage, aswell as in your personal profile on the platform.
5. Copy the number you get and put it in the registration form whenregistering. It’s essentially the same as a regular phone number, soit’s treated exactly the same.
6. To receive an SMS, go back to SMS-Man. There will be a “GetSMS” button next to the received virtual number. Click on it toopen a text message that contains a verification code.
7. Copy and paste the received code into the registration form

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