June 14, 2024

Things To Do In Switzerland

Have you ever come across a picture of Switzerland and been captivated? With its stunning lakes, magnificent mountains, charming villages, and one-of-a-kind culture, it’s no wonder why so many people dream of visiting this magical place. But if you’re planning on making the trip there soon, don’t forget to take your Travel card. Even if you have just started to plan your next adventure – the question immediately arises… What are some of the best things to do in Switzerland?

From exploring unique landmarks like Glacier 3000 and Titlis Cliff Walk to taking part in classic Swiss activities such as cheese tasting and yodeling, discovering iconic cities like Zurich and Lucerne, or heading off for an Alpine helicopter tour – every traveler will find something genuinely unforgettable here!

In this blog post, I’ll share my top tips on making the most of your time in Switzerland during your holiday. So keep reading to discover some must-do things that will create lifetime memories!

1. Paddle Boarding

While each has their motivations for going to the renowned Lake Geneva, one of yours can be the excitement of trying stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. The widespread fascination with Hawaiian culture may be replicated in Geneva.

You only need to balance yourself in an upright position on a long surfboard and go through the water with a paddle. This action sport is considered one of the most exciting ways to travel and one of the best things to do in Switzerland because it has occasional falls. Wakeboarding and windsurfing are a couple of additional water activities that may be enjoyed at this lake.

2. Experience the thrill of the Jungfraujoch.

The highest train station in the world may be found at Jungfraujoch, a glacial saddle that joins two mountains in the Bernese Alps. It is situated at an elevation of 3,500 meters, which has earned it the nickname “The Top of Europe.” Both the terrace and the observatory provide stunning vistas of the surrounding area.

3. Sleep beneath a Million Stars

It’s the kind of night where you can hear your heartbeat. When night comes in the mountains of the Alps, the only sound that can be heard is the soft jingling of cowbells. The night sky is covered in what seems like handfuls of glitter due to the presence of distant planets and stars.

Does that not sound lovely? It is. The Million Stars Hotel is a massive collection of open-air, one-of-a-kind beds all around the country. Here, guests may revert to their natural surroundings and engage in pre-bedtime stargazing while experiencing the outdoors.

4. Participate in a guided walking tour of Zurich.

With its cobblestone lanes dotted with charming shops such as cafés and galleries, Zurich is undeniably one of the must-see sites in Switzerland. You may take guided walking tours of the city to learn about its hidden treasures and popular attractions.

5. Fans of History Will Delight at Chillon Castle

Not only is the Chateau de Chillon one of the most well-known historic structures in Switzerland, but it is also regarded as one of the country’s top attractions. This water castle that can be found on the shores of Lake Geneva is a destination that should not be missed by anyone—your friends, your family, or even your significant other.

More than 3,50,000 people visit the castle annually to explore its 25 distinct structures and three distinct courtyards, surrounded by two ring walls. In addition to simply taking in the splendor of the court, you can rent it out for various special events, such as birthday parties, barbecues on the beach, and other such gatherings.

6. Take a trip aboard the Glacier Express.

No other nation does rail travel as well as the Swiss, whose quaint little red trains are always on time and spotless, allowing passengers to gaze in awe at the majesty of the Alps while relaxing in the luxury of their panoramic carriages.

No other nation does rail travel as well as the Swiss. Train rides in Switzerland are often regarded as among the best in the world, with many of them evoking the golden era of travel.

7. Pay a visit to the World Football Museum presented by FIFA.

Visiting is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Switzerland, and if you’re a football lover, it’s a must! This museum’s mission is to protect football’s past by displaying major trophies, jerseys, and other memorabilia throughout the sport’s long and illustrious history. P.S.: If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, admission to this museum is complimentary!

8. Hike across Switzerland’s National Parks.

If you want to taste the Alps before the visitors arrive, you should travel to the Swiss National Park, located in the southeast corner of Switzerland and close to the border with Italy. The only national park in Switzerland is a 172-square-kilometer (66-square-mile) visual feast consisting of rapid streams, high moors, meadows, glaciers, larch, pine forests, and lakes.

It is easily accessible from the picturesque villages of Scuol, S-chanf Zernez. Since the park was established in 1914, no attempts have been made to alter the natural state of this location in any way. This means that no trees are chopped down, no meadows are mowed, and no animals are hunted.

9. Because Skydiving Is the Current Trend, a Restaurant in the Sky

This is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling activities that can be done in Zurich. Even though you may be on a trip with your family or a getaway with your significant other, if you enjoy visiting rooftop establishments that provide a posh atmosphere, delectable food and drinks, and breathtaking scenes of the lake and the city, then Lac’s Sky Bar is the place that you should go for lunch or dinner regardless of the purpose of your trip.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful roofs in the city, and it is also among the top ten things to do in Switzerland during the summertime. Refresh yourself while taking in the breathtaking views of Lake Zurich and the breezy winds that blow off of it while you indulge in your preferred beverage and dish.

10. Drive the Furka Pass

This steep, twisting trip from the lonely basin of the Goms in Valais to hill Andermatt in Uri — the entrance to southeast Switzerland — will have your heart racing for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on.

11. Local Wine Tasting: The Perfect Combination of Relaxation and Quality Wine

It sounds like a pleasant experience to have a bottle of expensive wine while taking in the stunning scenery of Lake Geneva. Make sure to have it done while you’re still in Switzerland.

Since this is one of the best things to do in Switzerland in July, you should get out there, check the vineyards, and get your hands on some of the city’s best local wines.

12. Get a culture fix in Bern

Wandering the streets of Bern, with its reassuringly laid-back atmosphere, parks, outdoor cafés, resident bears, and beautiful backdrop of hills, you could have a moment where you think to yourself, “I can’t believe it’s the capital.”

Its location on a tight bend in the stunningly turquoise Aare River, its encirclement by mild hills, and its vistas of the snow-covered Alps on crisp, clear days all contribute to the city’s undeniable attractiveness. Additionally, here you will be able to satisfy your cultural needs.

13. Try Swiss Chocolates.

The mania for Swiss chocolates will follow you back to Switzerland, even if it’s not your first time there. If that’s the case, you’re in for a real treat. Satisfy your desire for something sweet with the world-famous milk chocolates, and sample as much as possible.

This location, the birthplace of milk chocolates, always manages to live up to expectations. In addition, this is the most delicious memento you could bring back to your loved ones and friends at home.

14. A Ride on the Cable Car for Those Who Love a Thrilling Experience

In addition to the many other amazing things to see and do in Switzerland, taking a cable car up the majestic Matterhorn is one of the country’s most popular activities. Because it creates a memory that will last a lifetime, this is the perfect activity to take part in with your family and your significant other.

After you have reached Matterhorn, take in all the tranquility the area offers, and then ski down amongst the ski runs to return to the car-free hamlet.

15. Freitag Shopping

Visiting the Freitag is like visiting the most renowned place in a new city: no vacation is complete without seeing it. Freitag was started by two friends, Daniel and Markus, who saw a need for durable, bright, and water-resistant bags and accessories. Those who care about the environment will find this store a haven.

Bottom Line

All in all, Switzerland is a great country to visit no matter what kind of trip you’re looking for. Whether you want to hit the slopes or take in some culture, there’s something for everyone here

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