June 14, 2024

The Growing Popularity of Vegan Women Sliders

Women sliders that are vegan are the ones that aren’t made with any by-products derived from animals. This leaves out many of the materials, such as leather, wool, fur, and various glues, that are frequently used to manufacture shoes. Fortunately, there are more possibilities for the manufacturing of vegan women sliders now than ever before. In addition to synthetic leathers being used often in all sorts of footwear, material technology has evolved, making all-synthetic or predominantly synthetic material shoes more widespread, particularly in footwear for active lifestyles. This comprises the sticky rubber outsole, detachable footbed, water-resistant upper, straps, laces, and all other parts of the shoe, including sandals and sneakers. Synthetic material developments have opened up more possibilities, improved design, and improved performance for vegan footwear. 


How are vegan sliders manufactured?

Vegan sliders are exceptionally eco-friendly shoes that nonetheless provide the brand’s trademark support, traction, and durability. Vegan women sliders are made from a variety of materials, including synthetic microfibers, PU and EVA, recycled and virgin rubbers, canvas, textiles, and faux-leather items. The exploitation of exotic animals for their skins and the cruelty connected to the food and animal byproducts industries are two issues with leather or animal-based shoes. Although women sliders are now generally acknowledged in the fashion industry as well as the athletic/casual market, vegan shoes are frequently less expensive than their animal-based counterparts. 

 Different types of vegan sliders

Veganism is a way of life and a practice that aims to prevent all forms of animal abuse and exploitation for the production of food, clothing, and other products. In order to benefit people, animals, and the environment, it supports the creation and application of animal-free alternatives. Vegan women sliders forgo the use of any leather or other products produced from animals. This section discusses various types of vegan sliders that are not only cruelty-free but are also quite in vogue:  

  • Marina Bae Vegan Sliders

These sandals have kantha stitching and delicate cut dana work, as well as simple clasp straps and a comfortable base. The pair’s jute insoles are designed to wick away perspiration and keep your feet fresh and odor-free all day. A pair you must have if you’re going to a Sunday brunch. It sports a sturdy 1.5 cm jute sole with additional heel padding and a base made of thick linen fabric with geometric floral embroidery. 

  • Notting Hill Vegan Sliders

These sandals are incredibly comfortable and are embellished with beautiful zardosi design and multicolored twisted flowers. The jute insoles wick away perspiration and keep your feet fresh and odor-free all day. This summer, take them sightseeing to a different location. Its upper portion is made of denim with multicolored flower embroidery, and the 1.5 cm jute sole has additional padding in the heel. 

  • Night Circus Vegan Sliders

These shoes are great for traveling and evening strolls because they feature bright flower blooms on a black foundation. The cushioning in this pair will keep your feet at ease. Double-cushioned cork sole paddled and multicolored resham hand embroidery cover the upper layer. 

  • Uptown Girl Vegan Sliders

These buckle sandals are a summer must, with multicolored schiffli details embellishing the pair. The jute insoles wick away perspiration and keep your feet fresh and odor-free all day. The sole of these vegan women sliders is a 1.5 cm jute sole with additional heel cushioning, and they have multi-hued resham embroidery on intricate geometric Schiffli fabric. 


Reasons behind growing popularity on vegan shoes:

  • Nature of raw materials: 

A wide variety of materials, including bamboo, cork, organic cotton, natural rubber, and recycled plastic, are used to make vegan shoes. Raw materials that are ethical and sustainable are increasingly being used. Recycling plastic to make vegan shoes reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in urban landfills. 

  • Environmental sustainable: 

The shaping, treating, conditioning, and drying processes used in the manufacturing of leather leach dyes into nearby bodies of water. Vegan women sliders has the benefit of being chemical-free and having a low carbon footprint. Thus, vegan footwear is quite sustainable. 

  • Affordability: 

The cost of purchasing trendy shoes is high. However, buying dress shoes doesn’t have to be expensive. Vegan women sliders is a more affordable option without sacrificing style or quality. Vegan leather is produced using far fewer procedures and treatments. After all, the affordability of vegan shoes results from the low cost of production. 

  • Highly endurable: 

In comparison to conventional shoes, vegan footwear is of sturdy and supreme quality. The goal of vegan footwear producers is to provide durable items. Given their durability, vegan shoes are not a cause for concern. If left outside, vegan leather won’t deteriorate. 

  • Fashionable and trendy:

Designers are currently producing timeless and trendy shoe styles. Trendy vegan  women sliders are being displayed in a number of top fashion houses and department stores. These are a few of the factors that contribute to the growing appeal of vegan footwear. 

  • Cruelty-free: 

 One of the main reasons behind the popularity of vegan footwear is because it is free of animal testing. They are made of artificial leather and do not use any of the by-products derived from animals. 

Vegan women sliders are becoming a favorite among fashionistas as vegan fashion transitions from a niche trend to the mainstream. With the emergence of new vegan footwear businesses each year, this market is expanding steadily. Vegan shoes of all varieties, including heels, sliders, mules, juttis, etc. are growing in popularity with consumers. By giving traditional Indian crafts a modern spin, the Indian fashion shoe and accessory firm Fizzy Goblet transforms everyday encounters into extraordinary ones little by little. The team has a wide range of ideas to provide you collections that are both classic and cutting-edge. Every piece has been carefully and lovingly crafted to always be comfortable, versatile, and fashionable. The brand works in tandem with knowledgeable artisans from all over India to meticulously hand-embroider and embellish each pair of shoes. 

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