February 27, 2024

Full Stack Web Developer salary trends in 2022

Web development has been one of the fastest-growing job trends in recent years, whether front-end or back-end. So, it is safe to say that due to this rising demand in the tech industry for full-stack web developers, it is the best time to pursue a career as a full-stack web developer. 

A full-stack web development online training course can set you in the right direction to achieve your desired salary and career objectives. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the salary trends for full-stack web developers in different countries and the variables affecting their salaries, like location, experience, company, and job title. 

For aspiring web developers, it can be a demanding but rewarding career. So, first, let us go through the definition of full-stack web development and its role. 


What is Full Stack Web Development?

A full-stack web development training course will give you the skills and knowledge to work on a website’s front and back end. 

In simple terms, a full-stack web developer knows a lot of computer languages and can build a website from the ground up. These people can work with code that handles all parts of a computer application system’s user experience (frontend). They can also run the code that makes these software systems work (backend).

What does a Full Stack Developer do?

Once you are entirely aware of what is full-stack web development, let us further understand its role.

  • To maintain and test the website.
  • To optimize the speed, functionality, and reliability of the website.
  • Collaborate and work closely with web developers and designers.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices.
  • Must have outstanding interpersonal, communication, and technical skills.


Web developers must also know various programs like JavaScript, C#, Frameworks, DevOps, Azure, etc. To solve problems and implement front-end design, a web developer must have this programming knowledge to work with other team members and clients.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer’s average salary?

According to Indeed, the average salary of a full-stack developer is $101040 per annum. In the United States. 

The average salary for a full-stack developer in the United States is $101,040 per year, with a $5,500 cash bonus per year. This figure changes depending on the years of experience and the company the professionals work for. For example, the annual salary of a full-stack developer with 3 -5 years of experience is $122289. 

A frontend developer can earn up to $92,805 annually in the United States, and the average salary of a backend developer can go up to $95,082 per annum. 

As you can see from the statistics mentioned in the chart below are some of the top companies hiring professionals and the highest-paying cities for full-stack web developers.

Factors that affect the salary of Full-Stack web developers

There are a variety of factors that influence a web developer’s income. Several essential elements are addressed below:

  • Full Stack Developer salary by industry

Full Stack developers’ salaries differ across various industries, such as healthcare, government, tech, financial services, e-commerce, etc. So, IT companies generally compensate the most in salaries for professionals with certified full-stack web development online courses. 

  • According to Glassdoor, Entry-level full-stack developers can make up to $ 93,718 annually. 
  • The annual remuneration for a full-stack web developer in the United States increases considerably with experience and tenure. However, salary levels vary from one place to another and from one sector to another. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups provide lower salaries than established companies.

  • Full Stack Developer salary by experience

As a general rule, the more experience, the greater the compensation. Recruiters determine a web developer’s salary based on their education level. Therefore, the amount of compensation depends on years of experience and the caliber of training. 


As per Glassdoor reports, a senior-level developer with more than seven years of experience can earn up to $162,300 per year.

  • Full stack Developer salary by skills & education

Most of the time, people with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field make the most money. Additionally, a Master’s degree will be more valued in a stack developer’s job requirements. 


The need for qualified web developers means having the right skills is crucial, making it easier to comprehend fundamental concepts. The majority of the time, higher skill levels translate into higher pay.


Some skills that help to find jobs with higher salaries are AWS, Docker, CSS, Agile, APIs, Communication skills, etc. 

How to boost your salary as a Full-Stack Web Development Professional?

  1. Pursue A New Certification By Simplilearn: You can also get certified in programming languages and tools that are widely used. Java, JavaScript, and HTML etc. Some industry certifications, like the AWS certifications, are offered by Amazon or Microsoft. These certifications cover various topics, from software engineering and development to solution architecture. 


  1. Gain More Experience: Web development is a growing field, and as technology improves, every company is looking for web developers who can help them reach their goals. So, if you want to make extra money, you can look for freelance web developer jobs.


  1. Build A Strong Network: If you build a strong network in web development, you will have more access to opportunities that can help you increase your web developer salary. For example, you can get in touch with potential clients, create your website and conduct social media marketing. 


Start learning the skills you need to get the best jobs in full-stack development so you can start a career in the field. Start with the Postgraduate Program in Full Stack Development by Simplilearn, which is taught in partnership with Caltech CTME and will help you move up in your career as a software developer. You’ll learn all the skills you need to be a full-stack technologist in just a few months, with the same level of intensity as a Bootcamp.

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