November 29, 2022

Best Android Games Of 2022 for Indian players

The mobile gaming market is growing at an alarming pace. However, who would have thought 10 years ago that Android games with the best graphics would sometimes look better than those released for PC or consoles? This guide will help Indian gamers discover a few android games with great graphics they can play in 2022.

Leak Game – Satta Matka King (Best Satta Android game)

Boss Creatio designed this game for Indian Satta players of Disawar, Gaziabad, Faridabad, Gali, and many more similar games. Satta king is a betting firm that allows players to speculate the winning digits out of 1 – 100 numbers that they believe will be displayed on the drawing results. If their forecast is valid, they win nine times the money they invested. Also, if you’re an Android user, you can play Matka King from your mobile.

Genshin Impact (Best RPG Android game)

Action RPG, sometimes compared to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” is one of the most extensive mobile games currently available on the market. The content is already able to provide great fun for hours, and the creators are constantly adding a variety of novelties. Genshin Impact is one of those games where it is easy to forget what task is still waiting for us, just because the desire to explore the area and look at everything around it is so tempting. A significant advantage is the cross-save from the PC, thanks to which you can play on one account both at home and on the go using a phone.

Lumino City (Best Puzzle Adventure Android game) 

Choosing mobile games with the best graphics makes it impossible to miss Lumino City. Admiration is aroused by the same way of preparing the setting. The city that will come to Lumi, the main character searching for her grandfather, was made of cardboard and paper, then photographed and transformed into digital art. The setting is the main advantage of this game because, even though we are dealing with a logical game, the puzzles are not highly complicated here.

Shadow Fight 3 (Best Fighting Android game) 

This fighting game developed by Nekki studio offers fully three-dimensional graphics (although the fight takes place in two planes), beating other best-looking mobile games in this genre. Shadow focuses on one-on-one duels. The combat system is extensive, individual blows can be merged into combinations, and there are also special skills that, when used at the right moment, can tip the scales of victory in favor of one of the sides.

The Room: Old Sins (Best Adventure and Logic Android game)

The Room: Old Sins is the fourth installment in the popular series of adventure and logic games, but knowing the previous parts is not required to enjoy this one. The basic rules governing the game have not been changed. Instead, the gameplay focuses on traversing closed locations and solving puzzles, thanks to which you will discover new clues and news that will take the story a step forward.

Call of Duty Mobile (Best first-person shooter Android game)

Another representative of the Battle Royale genre, although we can also play classic modes such as Team Deathmatch or F4A. Compared to Apex, the gameplay is more static and tactical (apart from TD, where chaos is typical of the series). CoD fans will appreciate that the mobile production offers well-known heroes and iconic maps such as Nuketown and Crash.

Apex Legends (Best Hero shooter Android game)

The mobile edition of the valued Battle Royale from Respawn studio is as good as the console edition of the game. Players have access to the same characters, weapons, skills, and mechanics, which is a great, albeit a bit problematic, solution. Apex Legends is a dynamic and speedy shooter, so handling it by touch requires a lot of practice. Moving while keeping the target at gunpoint is almost a miracle. As for the setting, it is an absolute masterpiece. This title can be included in the most beautiful Android games category without any resistance.

Ace Racer (Best Racing Android game) 

Ace Racer from NetEase studio was made available in the free 2-play model. As in most of these types of games, you have to consider the micropayments. However, if someone does not care about winning all possible stages and just wants to have fun, this is an option for them. Ace Racer offers a colorful, attractive, and detailed setting that can appeal even to people used to playing on more powerful devices.

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