March 2, 2024

Best 10 Reverse Phone Search Services

The world has not only made space for incoming technology-based elements but such wrong facts have also entered the world. Mobile phones are symbols of easiness for users to make contact with each other.

Now, people are enjoying the wrong use of phones, and scamming has become so much more popular in recent days. In addition to it, getting spam calls from unknown numbers is also a headache. But today, we are going to discuss an amazing reverse phone lookup service like USPhoneLookup. This service is playing a great role in this regard. 

Now, you can take help from these tools and can extract data about any person who is calling you just by using his phone number. Let us have a look at such reverse phone lookup services in our given article.


Best 10 Reverse Phone Search Services


  • USPhoneLookup – Best Phone Lookup Service
  • CocoFinder – Most Preferred People Search Tool
  • USPhoneSearch – Best Tool For Reverse Phone Lookup
  • NumLooker – Top Choice For Searching Spam Callers
  • PeopleFinders – The Most Effective People Search Website
  • TheNumberLookup – Best for Phone Lookup
  • Spokeo – Best Number Lookup Site
  • Intelius – Best for Background Checks and Criminal Record Searches
  • Instant Checkmate – Best for Identifying Spam Calls and Texts
  • Number-Lookup – Recommended Reverse Lookup Service


USPhoneLookup: Best Phone Lookup Service

Getting information about any unknown number has now become easy just because of reverse phone lookup services like USPhoneLookup. Now, you can get a detailed report of the targeted person in seconds without facing any complications.

Although you can move forward using a browser, surely you will get nothing but waste your time and efforts. Hence it is recommended to use this lookup service to get authentic as well as updated data. 

Prominent Features


  • You will never face any kind of error while searching for a person and if by chance face any then customer support service is always available for you. 


  • If you want more detailed information about a person then you can go ahead with a subscription plan that is not expensive. 


  • If the person about whom you are searching has updated his information in his records then you will also receive that updated data.


  • The steps are very easy to follow any person can use it even without having any skill


CocoFinder: Most Preferred People Search Tool


The other free and incredible working reverse phone lookup service is CocoFinder which redirects the other premium sites. You just have to provide the phone number of the target person and the service will show the entire data just using the phone number. 

Prominent Features

  • Free of-cost service
  • It also provides data about social media accounts


3.USPhoneSearch: Best Tool For Reverse Phone Lookup

By using the reverse phone number lookup service of USPhoneSearch, you will get the great benefit of getting as much information as you want about a particular person. You can even choose to download the report of data so that you can take further steps accordingly. 

Prominent Features


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Pricing plans are not expensive


4.NumLooker: Top Choice For Searching Spam Callers

If you are getting calls from an unknown number again and again then you can look forward to NumLooker to know who is behind that call. You don’t have to do any kind of extra effort but just have to provide the phone number and the results will be handed to you in a small period. 

Prominent Features


  • Has user-friendly interface
  • Provides accurate and updated data 


5.Peoplefinders: the Most Effective People Search Website


Peoplefinders is considered distinct from other available services as it allows users to get comprehensive data about a particular person with just by few clicks. Moreover, it provides different subscription plans to users.

Prominent Features


  • Multiple records are available
  • You can get reports even without a membership


6.TheNumberLookup: Best for Phone Lookup


Sometimes we find out that our child is calling a particular number regularly. You can access the reverse phone number lookup service of TheNumberLookup to know who that person is. In this way,  you can save your children from getting in touch with the wrong person. 

Prominent Features


  • It provides full security of privacy
  • The report is provided to you after practicing various algorithms 


7.Spokeo: Best Number Lookup Site

No doubt, Spokeo is the best choice for doing phone number lookups. This tool does not require any extra work but provides the report of data to a user in seconds after receiving the phone number.

Prominent Features


  • Easy to use
  • Have huge database


8.Intelius: Best for Background Checks and Criminal Record Searches

Another incredible working reverse phone lookup service that supports a large database is Intelius. This tool is preferred because of providing high-quality search results to the user. Moreover, it’s easy to use steps to allow everyone to access its services freely. 

Prominent Features


  • It provides a free trial of 5 days
  • It is considered the most user-friendly platform


9. Instant Checkmate: Best for Identifying Spam Calls and Texts


If you are in search of a membership-only reverse phone number lookup service then Instant Checkmate is here for you. Along with basic information, you will also get data about the target’s family, neighbors, education, and even criminal records, etc.

Prominent Features


  • You can also get custom reports
  • It supports 24 hours updating database


10. Number-Lookup: Recommended Reverse Lookup Service

Last but not least, we are going to discuss a reverse phone lookup service that works just like other services but is not as popular. No matter which information you want to extract, you just have to input the phone number of a particular person and their results will be shown to you in seconds. 

Prominent Features


  • Always provide updated data
  • Highly recommendable customer service 

Point To Be Ponder


The above article is all about the 10 best working reverse lookup services that are providing their users with great facilities to get at about any person in seconds. If you are also in search of a tool to get info about a particular person using his phone number then it is suggested to have a look at the above-discussed services

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