July 25, 2024

91 Club – How to Earn Money with 91 Club & A Complete Guide for Beginners

Earning money was never this easy. Presenting to you 91 Club, a one-stop for entertainment and money-making opportunities. With a host of benefits, you can now play games, take quizzes, refer friends, and a lot more with 91 Club app. As a beginner, you might be wondering, how can I make money with 91 Club? Well, this article elaborates on all the avenues for you to earn with this amazing app quickly.

Getting Started

To start earning on 91 Club app, the first step is to register with your mobile number. You can also use your social profiles like Facebook, Google, etc. to sign up swiftly. Upon registering, set up your payment account by linking your bank details. This helps you to get paid seamlessly as you start monetizing with 91 Club.

Play Exciting Games

One of the most popular ways to earn coins on 91Club.in is by playing a variety of games. The app offers fun and exciting game options like color prediction, daily bombs, puzzles, quizzes, fantasy sports, rummy, poker, ludo, chess tournaments and more. You can choose the games you enjoy playing and start earning 10 coins for every ₹10 won.

Take Part in Daily Contests

If playing games for money excites you, try your hand at the Daily Contest at 91Clubin.in. You can participate in the daily trivia quiz contest and win up to ₹1 lakh everyday by answering all questions correctly within the time limit of 60 seconds. It’s an easy way to win big just through your knowledge and quick wits.

Monetize Your Referrals

91 Club APK offers an attractive Daily Referral program that helps you earn money for every friend you refer. To find your referral link, click on the Daily Refer icon. Share this unique link with friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any channel. You earn 30% commission whenever a referee signs up using your link and plays a paid contest. So, get social to maximize referrals.

Sell Coins to Other Players

An innovative way of encashing your skill is by selling the coins you earned on 91 Club to other players. High ranking experienced players who run short of coins often buy from players like you. You can set your own price and sell the coins in your wallet. The amount gets credited instantly to your bank upon selling the coins.

Participating in Live Trivia

91 Club hosts live trivia quizzes every day for its players. Participating and winning these timed contests can help you earn rewards and money instantly. Keep track of the live trivia schedule by checking in frequently. Sharpen your skills and general knowledge to increase your chances of cracking the questions.

Watch Videos and Earn Coins

One of the easiest ways to earn coins is by just watching videos on the 91 Club app video page. For every 3 videos you watch completely, 30 coins get credited to your account. The videos are fun, targeted, and informative. It’s a no-brainer way to earn money passively while learning something new.

Earn By Completing Profile

Simply start earning just by completing important details in your 91 Club profile. Fill in your name, bank account and PAN details accurately in the KYC section and you can earn up to 1000 bonus coins. Ensure your profile is verified to maximize earnings with 91 Club app.

Invite Friends to Clash Games

91 Club offers you exclusive invites to play games with your friends. Playing these multiplayer social games with friends is fun and you can also earn up to ₹10 lakhs total in cash prizes. Games like Ludo, Poker, Chess are popular with groups. So, what are you waiting for?

With this detailed guide, earning with 91 Club app should now be easy for you as a beginner. Register today and start the exciting journey toward your financial goals in the most entertaining way possible!

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