July 25, 2024

Which slots to choose at lotto247 app Only useful tips

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 slot machines from more than 160 providers at lotto247 app? Many newbies just get lost in such an abundance of casino slots and don’t know where to start. Now https://lotto247.app/app/ will help you figure it out once and for all!

What slots has lotto247 lottery site and how they differ

Newcomers might think that slots in online casinos differ in theme, number of bonuses and reels. And that would be true! However, there are still a number of very important aspects that affect both the overall pace of play and directly on your winnings!

Classic Slots

These are the drums that people think of when it comes to slots! There can be a lot of these drums: from 2 to 7 or more! With the winning lines in them can also be quite a different number: from 3 to more than 1 000 000 – such machines exist!

Cluster games

In cluster machines there is no such thing as a “winning line”. To win in this machine you need to have a certain number of characters on the playing field. The more symbols on the field, the more the winnings will be.A slot, whether physical or online, is a gaming machine with rotating reels. Players bet on symbol combinations, anticipating wins in the hope of earning prizes or jackpots.


There are online games in which you need to press a button in time. These casino games are called Crashes. The longer you don’t press the button, the more you can win. However, at any time the character on the screen may explode or fly away and then it’s too late to press the button.


There are other types of machines. These can be as a game of thimbles, where you have to guess where the money is hidden. You can meet and other type of machines – you need to guess where, for example, the ball will fly to the left or right. In these games you can find both bonus levels, and the game at risk in many of them.

What do RTP and Volatility slots in lotto247 app bet

RTP and volatility are the main indicators of a slot. They are the ones that can tell you how much you will get if you win and how successful the spins are overall.


RTP is the rate of return to the player. The higher it is, the more likely your spin will be a winning one. However, also consider that in one of your playing sessions RTP may be higher than in the other. This is normal, because RTP is calculated from a thousand or more spins. RTP can be lower in a machine with a big jackpot.


In simple terms, volatility is the risk level of the machine. In a machine with low volatility you will get frequent payments, but they will not be big. These machines usually have a very high RTP – 96% and above.

There are also machines with high volatility – in such machines the risk is higher. But the risk is justified by big winnings. They will be rare, but big.


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