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What is a digital currency? Definition

Hey guys, what is up. In this particular post, we will be discussing what is digital currency. Some important key points of using virtual currency and also about how to use digital currency.

Updated on 06.10.2021


What is a digital currency?

Digital currency is known by some other names like electronic money, digital money, or electronic money. It is form of money, currency, or some assets that runs or store only on computers or PCs, mainly over the internet. Many types of digital currencies include cryptocurrency, central bank digital currency, and virtual currency. These are recorded and stored over the internet, which is governed by a company or a bank within the digital database. 

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These show properties related to traditional currencies, but these do not contain currencies with banknotes or coins. Moreover, this currency is not provided by a government body. Therefore, these are not consider as lawful trades. These currencies are helpful in buying physical goods and services. Also, these are minimal to certain communities.

Key Takeaways:

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  • As these currencies exist in digital form, therefore these can be access using PCs, mobile phones, etc.
  • These are consider as one of the cheapest and easiest methods of trading.
  • All cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum are virtual currencies, but not all digital currencies are cryptocurrency .
  • Digital currencies are stable and are deal with the markets, whereas trading in crypto is according to the consumer point of view.

Understanding Digital Currency:

Digital currencies are invisible and non-physical and can be own and trade by using PCs or electronic devices. These devices are join using the designate networks only. In context, physical currencies like notes and coins are visible and physically occupied by owners. Therefore, transactions are only possible by their owners.  

Like any other physical currency, the virtual currency can be use to buy goods as well as to pay for services. Moreover, physical currency is also available in limit. It is not use in some online communities, like gambling sites, social networks, or gaming sites.

Virtual currencies have all the properties similar to physical currency. Moreover, virtual currency allows for immediate transactions that can be perfectly possible for doing payments across borders. When these devices connects to certain networks.

For example, it is possible for an Indian to do payments in digital currency to a faraway business dealing with a person residing in Russia. Moreover, this is only possible if both of them are link to a similar network that is necessary for trading in digital currency.

Virtual currency also provides a number of advantages. As payments are possible directly between the two parties without the involvement of any third party using virtual currency. These activities are immediate and are possible at a very low cost. These transactions are better in comparison to traditional payment methods that involve banks. Virtual currency also helps in keeping the clarity in the dealings.

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