March 2, 2024

What Are The Uses Of A Numbing Spray?

What Are The Uses Of A Numbing Spray?

Numbing spray and a numbing cream for skin have almost similar uses. So if you know the uses of numbing cream, you might also know the uses of a numbing spray. Just like a numbing cream, a numbing spray is also a type of topical anesthetic. Topical anesthetic comes under the category of local anesthetics.Topical anesthetics are used to desensitize or numb the surface of the skin of someone’s body. It means that topical anesthetics or local anesthetics are not effective in the deep layers of the skin. Instead, these are just used to numb the surface of someone’s body.

Since a Numbing spray or a numbing cream are also a type of topical anesthetics, these are also used only for numbing the surface of the skin.

Numbing spray or a numbing cream is not the only form of topical anesthetics. Topical anesthetics can be found in other forms like lotions, jellies, aerosols, ointments, etc. However, creams and sprays are the most used forms of topical anesthetic.The common uses of topical anesthetics are to reduce the pain of bites or stings from insects, minor cuts, sunburns, scratches, minor burns, etc. However, a Numbing spray or a numbing cream is used for other things as well.

The meaning of numbing spray

As discussed earlier, a Numbing spray is a type of local anesthetic. With the help of this spray, one can reduce the sensitivity of the upper layers of the skin. A numbing spray is also used in reducing the sensation of itchiness or pain. Not just that, but some people also use numbing sprays and creams to reduce the swelling of their skin.

Apart from that numbing creams and numbing sprays are used for other purposes as well. These topical anesthetics can be used before giving injections, minor surgeries, mammograms, etc. Plus, these can also be used before some cosmetic processes like body piercing, tattooing, or waxing.

The effect of numbing sprays or creams is because of the strong ingredients they have. These anesthetics have ingredients that prevent the nerve signals of the skin from reaching the brain. Thus, whatever the skin might be feeling at that moment, the brain will not be able to recognize it.

When the brain is not able to recognize the sensation that the skin is feeling, it is not able to send any type of message back to the skin. Thus, the brain is not able to make us feel anything that happens on that part of the skin.

Even in numbing sprays and creams, there are two types. The first type of numbing sprays and creams is easily available in any medical stores or shops. Such numbing sprays and creams are called Over Counter or OTC numbing sprays and creams.

The second type of numbing sprays and creams are not sold freely by the owners of medical stores. To buy such numbing creams and sprays, one must have a prescription from a dermatologist or a certified doctor. This is because of the strength of such numbing creams and sprays. 

Some numbing creams and sprays are so strong that if they are applied in excess or in the wrong way, they might harm the skin of the patient or client. Due to this reason, some numbing sprays and creams are not given to anyone without a legit prescription.

Even though Over The Counter numbing creams and sprays are easily available without a prescription, it is better to consult a dermatologist before using one. Different types of topical anesthetics contain other ingredients. Hence, it is important to make sure that one is not allergic to any ingredients of the numbing spray or cream to avoid any harmful side effects or allergies.

Thus, even before using a normal OTC anesthetic, it is better to consult a skin doctor.

Precautions to take before using a numbing spray

Generally, numbing sprays and creams do not cause any side effects or allergies. But to be more careful, one should always take some precautions before applying any type of numbing sprays or creams.

The first thing that one should understand adequately is that the effectiveness of numbing creams and sprays is only limited to the surface of the skin. It means even after applying the cream or spray, one can feel the sensations that they have beneath the surface of the skin.

Thus, if something penetrates one’s skin after applying a numbing cream or spray, one will feel a hint of pain. Hence, if you want to use numbing creams or sprays before getting a tattoo, keep in mind that you might feel a small amount of pain.

But one thing can be done to avoid the pain. The solution to this problem is to increase the effectiveness of the cream or spray on the skin. To do this, one can exfoliate their skin before applying a numbing cream or spray. This way, the upper layer of your skin will be removed and the spray or cream will be able to reach the deeper layers of one’s skin.

Another thing that one can do to increase the effectiveness of numbing creams and sprays is to cover the area after applying the cream or spray. One can use a plastic sheet that is not very thick to cover their skin after applying the cream or spray. This will prevent the numbing cream or spray from wearing off quickly from your skin.

The next thing that one should keep in mind before buying a numbing cream or spray is to look for a topical anesthetic that is more lipophilic. A more lipophilic substance can dissolve in the fats of our skin more easily.

Thus, if you apply numbing cream or spray that is more lipophilic, the effectiveness of that cream or spray might be stronger than topical anesthetics.

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