July 20, 2024

What are the Future Trends for the Web to Print Industry?

We are living in an incredibly technology-driven world now. Global businesses are shifting from ‘traditional business strategies’ to ‘digitization’ at the highest pace. By embracing the power of agility and innovation, the print industry is evolving for the best! And what shapes the modern print industry amazingly is a web to print software. The global web to print market is substantially growing, with the forecasted value to reach US $ 1.5 billion by 2027. This figure is fulfilling to understand the impressive future of the web to print industry! Isn’t it?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, print service providers (PSPs) have realized the importance of the web2print. The way it has amplified the significance of digitization among print businesses is genuinely commendable. It gives remote access to print business information, reduces operational costs, and holds the ability to automate the entire print business workflow. 

This article concerns the compelling future web to print trends experts vouch for. By following these astounding w2p trends, you can give a new dimension to your print business and take it to another level. 

Below are the significant future trends of the web to print industry you must know:

The Variable Data Interface Buzz 

The variable data interface is one of the most enormous web to print trends making a remarkable difference in 2023. It is expected to have a significant impact in the future too. The variable data interface is the best approach for print service providers to manage unexpected run-time edits in online print orders efficiently. 

For example, one of your print customers has placed an order for custom t-shirts. However, after the order placement, they realize they have provided some details wrong. Using a variable data interface, your customers can make corrections effortlessly. They can update the details easily; your web to print software will quickly take that up. 

Your customers don’t have to go through multiple levels of communication to rectify their mistakes. So, you can cut down the back-and-forth communication, streamline your operations, and deliver effortless CX. 

3D Printing Popularity 

3D printing is gaining massive traction in the commercial printing industry. Using this technology, print businesses can 3D design and showcase real-like products for printing by piling up multiple layers of material. This opens different ways to create and customize unique print products. A web to print software is the best way to incorporate the quick and easy 3D designing capability into your printing company solutions. It makes 3D designing the easiest. 

With 3D designing and printing, print service providers can create complex designs comprising 3D textures, embossed effects, unique shapes, etc. Experts believe it is one of the crucial reasons why more and more PSPs are adopting w2p software. And the scenario is expected to be the same in the coming future too. 

Smart Shipping Integration 

Integrated operations are a tangible way for online print businesses to stay agile and efficient. A web to print software ensures integrated shipping operations, helping PSPs deliver print orders quickly. This further boosts the customer satisfaction level. 

Most print service providers aim to leverage the web to print software to automate and simplify their delivery process. It is one of the most popular web to print trends today. Web 2 print software helps print businesses make the most out of intelligent automation. When ready, print orders can be automatically pushed to the shipping stage. This makes the process more straightforward, with an effective real-time sync between the shipment partner and the PSP. Overall, it assures a streamlined and engaging delivery experience. 

Also, offering your customers a live tracking opportunity becomes easy. This helps them stay abreast of their orders, informed, and satisfied. 

The Personalization Impact 

Print businesses need to offer uniqueness to stand out. To make a remarkable difference, personalization is the key. And a web to print software is the best way for PSPs to accomplish the peak of personalization. 

No! It’s not only about customized designs. The web to print technology is potent enough to personalize all aspects, from formats to specs and a lot more. It is the difference between customization and personalization. This w2p capability helps PSPS deliver precisely what their customers expect. 

The personalization aspect of web2print software has become a top w2p trend nowadays because of its fantastic benefit – world-class CX. This trend is undoubtedly worth a long, long way to go! 

Ease of Holistic Online Printing Portals

The best-in-class web 2 print software offers a comprehensive online printing portal that print businesses can leverage for overall efficiency. This w2p trend has gained the most significant attention lately. Print businesses don’t prefer the individual web to print solutions anymore. Instead, if it’s a holistic web to print online portal offering everything together, it is preferred more. 

Whether print order or workflow management, automatic cost calculation, online print store facility, or any other solution, comprehensive w2p software covers everything. And this type of integrated setup is one of today’s most popular w2p trends.

Rise of Voice Control and Command 

Voice control and command-driven support are becoming popular in the web to print industry. Like all other industries, w2p businesses are now embracing this innovative solution. It helps print companies satisfy their customers by offering them the ease of using voice integrations instead of manually typing in the print specifications. 

With voice integrations, print buyers can reduce the time and effort spent placing orders. It makes them more satisfied, ultimately boosting print business CX. The state-of-the-art and developing voice control and command technology aims to make the print industry customer-oriented in the future.  

Smarter Product Packaging 

Product packaging is one of the most innovative print business concepts. The more attractive it is, the better it stands. An ideal web to print software helps upgrade the printing industry with the most appealing product packaging capabilities. It is indeed one of the most promising web to print trends now. Innovative product packaging using state-of-the-art w2p software can be one of the most extensive market opportunities. It boosts the visual appeal of print products. Print buyers are always more interested in purchasing attractively packed print products that look vivid and colorful rather than dull ones.  

Significance of High-End Automation

Delays in print businesses are not acceptable. Even if there is a slight delay, it can have a deteriorating impact. For example, imagine you are falling short of meeting your strict delivery deadlines and keeping up with the rising demands of customers together. In that case, your customers may start doubting your capabilities. 

What can help you here are innovative web2print solutions which can let you automate entirely the print workflows. This is one of the most critical reasons why the web to print software and its automation trend is so popular. Experts believe it is shaping the future of the web to print industry. 

With streamlined, automated workflows, manual processes can be cut short to the minimum. Print businesses love this w2p trend because it can help automate different order management stages and efficiently manage bulk orders. 

The Bottom Line 

The web to print technology opens multiple avenues for the print industry. The rise of the above buzzing w2p trends is completely transforming print businesses globally. Web to print is the most innovative way to 360-degree transform print businesses. 

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are a print service provider (PSP) looking to digitize your business, make the right move soon and embrace the web to print. 

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