April 24, 2024
wellhealthorganic.com simple ways to improve digestive system in hindi

Easy ways to improve the digestive system. Improve the Digestive system in Hindi

In our busy lives, there has been a lot of change in our eating habits and this is the reason why the place of junk food is increasing in our daily routine. Junk food may be easy to eat and prepare but it can be harmful for your stomach and body. Therefore, by making slight changes in our eating habits, we can improve our daily routine and health. Eat as many things as possible in easily digestible food…

Eating carbohydrates in curd relieves constipation. It would be good if people suffering from stomach problems include curd in their diet. It contains good bacteria which cure stomach diseases.

Eat an apple every day and take it to the doctor. This saying is true for apple because it contains potassium, vitamin A, phosphorus, vitamin C and many minerals. They help in reducing stomach problems.

Brown rice-
The soluble fiber found in brown rice helps reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Adequate amount of carbohydrate present in banana not only increases blood pressure but also increases blood. It is advisable to eat banana in case of stomach infection.

Oatmeal Fiber-
Oatmeal is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is also a good source of magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Along with removing veal, it also helps in reducing the risk of stomach cancer.

Beetroot –
Beetroot piles are also beneficial for patients. Beetroot juice is effective in treating jaundice, hepatitis and vomiting.

green leafy vegetables –
Green leafy vegetables contain iron in abundance. Therefore, growing children and pregnant women should take special care of them. These vegetables are easily digested and eating them also keeps the stomach clean.

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