June 21, 2024

The problems some gamblers in South Africa encounter while completing a given operator’s registration process

An online bettor who wishes to use a gambling platformhas to do a couple of things before placing a bet. Choosing the right operator is one of them, but the client also needs to know how to register.

It is worth knowing the the registration process offeredby iGaming sites can be different, depending on theircountry of residence. Gamblers in South Africa who learn more about the Boylesports register will realize that registering as a new client is much easier on BoyleSports than on other sites. That’s because the company is licensed and requires a few simple steps to stat using.

Unfortunately, many South African gamblers and usersin other parts of the world have problems. Some of themare not difficult to overcome, but others take time, solet’s learn more about them.

Not having enough registration options

To be fair, this is not really a problem for South African players specifically because it is present in many other countries. The issue of not having enough registration options means that people who want to open an account can only use one alternative. Usually, this involvessharing personal details and adding an email.

While it is true that most people will not have problems with those steps, others have different types of options. That is one of the reasons why you can find manyoperators that provide several registration options.

Besides the standard email process, you can sign up viayour mobile phone, one-click or even by using anexisting account on other platforms. The latter often includes Google and Facebook, but depending on theplatform, it may also have Telegram, Steam, Twitch, and more.

The bad news about those registration processes is that they are only offered by a handful of operators. What thismeans is that people need to find a website that will givethem access to those types of alternatives.

Sometimes, clients will not get the confirmation SMS

Besides the operators that offer users the chance to register via SMS, many of the leading betting brands in South Africa will require people to add their phone numbers. Usually, the sites will send a unique confirmation code after that, and people will need to enter it in order to complete their registration

Sadly, there are cases where users will not get the SMS code, even when they’ve entered the correct phone number. If that’s the case, they must contact the customer support team and ask for assistance regarding their issue

There are instances where people might be getting this issue because their mobile operator blocks communication with gambling brands. It all depends onthe situation.

Certain South African users may not be able to begin the registration process at all

The problems related to gambling have pushed a lot of regulators in different parts of the world to introduce any different responsible gambling features, including full prevention. The gambling commissions usually enforce the latter, and it affects certain people who’ve registered as users with gambling problems. If those people decide to open an account with a gambling operator, they won’t be able to do that because the site will not allow them to complete the process.

Many people try bypassing the regulations by creating new accounts and/or using a different IP. This will usually work, but it is not recommended. All leading gambling sites have a way to find out when people are using VPNs and other tools. Once that happens, those accounts are usually shut down, and people lose everything they have in them. In other words, it is not a good idea to bypass the rules.

Final Thoughts

There are many more problems that South Africans mayhave to encounter while registering for an operator. Itreally depends on the brand and its rules, so it’simportant to be familiar with them beforehand.

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