July 25, 2024

How can you Avail ICICI Bank Mini Statement Number in 2022?

How can you Avail ICICI Bank Mini Statement Number in 2022?


A Mini Statement is a statement that allows account holders to review the recent transactions made in their bank account. Mini Statements are similar to bank account statements which also provide a list of recent transactions made for a particular month or a year.


ICICI Bank also allows its account holders to view the mini statement online with the help of the ICICI Mini Statement number that gives the access to recent 5 transactions made in the bank account. ICICI Bank Mini statement number is used to give a miss call and receive an ICICI Bank Mini statement on the registered mobile numbers. 


The registered mobile account holders can avail missed call facility by giving a miss call at the below-mentioned ICICI Bank Mini Statement number:


9594 613 613


Easy ways to get ICICI Bank Mini Statement


There are various methods to get ICICI Bank mini statement conveniently which are mentioned below:

  • ICICI Bank Mini Statement via Missed Call


The account holders are required to give a miss call from their mobile number registered with the bank on the ICICI Bank Mini Statement number that is mentioned below: 


9594 613 613


The call would automatically get disconnected after two to three rings, and account holders would receive the mini statement via SMS on their registered mobile number containing the last three transactions.

  • ICICI Bank via Mobile Banking


Below mentioned are the steps to get the ICICI bank mini statement on the mobile:


    1. Download the ICICI bank mobile application on the mobile.
    2. Launch the app and go to the tab “My Accounts”.
    3. Now, click on Savings Account and then select the account for which a Mini Statement is required in case of multiple accounts.
    4. A list of the recent 10 transactions would be received along with the date and amount of the transaction.
    5. Click on the “Detailed statement” to get weekly/ monthly/ half yearly/ annual statements and click on “Proceed”.
  • Also, click on “View PDF” to download the statement. 

  • ICICI Bank via Net Banking


At first, the account holders are required to get their Internet banking activated to get access to these services for which they are required to visit their home bank branch for once.


Once the net banking services get activated, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Open the official website of ICICI Bank either on mobile or a laptop.
  2. Click on Login and enter the credentials i.e. customer ID and password.
  3. Click on the mini statement option and view the recent transactions.

  • ICICI Bank via SMS Banking

In case an account holder is not able to get connected with the ICICI Bank Mini statement number, then they shall resort to the ICICI SMS banking option. 

Account holders can register for SMS Banking at their home branch or at any ICICI Bank ATM and send the message in the below-mentioned format to the ICICI Bank Mini Statement number for SMS.

Once the account holders get their mobile number registered for SMS Banking, they can avail of this service by sending an SMS i.e. ITRAN” to 9215676766 or 5676766.

The customer will receive an SMS containing the last three transactions made in the bank account.

  • ICICI Bank via Bank ATM


  1. Visit the nearest ATM.
  2. Using a debit card and its PIN, follow the instructions to avail of banking services.
  3. Select the Mini statement option.
  4. A printout would then be received containing the last 10 transactions


But if an account holder wants to visit a bank branch to carry out any banking transactions, he must get to know the visiting hours before visiting the bank so as to avoid wastage of time.


Customers can avail all the ICICI services conveniently sitting at home with the help of internet without even wondering about the ICICI Bank timings as these services are available 24*7 to the customers


However, post lockdown, ICICI bank timings are from 09:30 am till 03:00 pm from Monday to Saturday (except for the second & the fourth Saturdays).


But customers opting for net banking facility do not need to worry about ICICI Bank timings.


Day Timings
ICICI Bank Timings on Monday to Friday 09:30 am to 03:00 pm
ICICI Bank Timings on Sunday Bank Closed
ICICI Bank Timings on Second and Fourth Saturday  Bank Closed 
ICICI Bank Timings on First, Third and Fifth Saturday 09:30 am to 03:00 pm


Fund Transfer is an event that leads to the movement of funds from the remitter to the beneficiary i.e. remittance of funds from one party to either itself or to another party with the help of the banking system.


On the other hand, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is an electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another either within the same bank or across different banks with the help of computers or mobile phones without the bank’s intervention.


Below mentioned are the steps to transfer funds via ICICI Net banking:


  • Firstly, login into ICICI Net banking with the help of either your laptop or mobile.
  • Go to the tab “Payments & Transfer and then select “Funds Transfer”.
  • Next, click on “Transfer Now” and then select the bank account from which the money is to be transferred.
  • Also, select the beneficiary account to which money is to be transferred.
  • Now, select the transfer type, i.e. IMPS, RTGS or NEFT and enter the details like amount to be transferred, date of transaction etc.
  • After clicking on “Next”, a screen with all the transaction details will appear for verification.
  • Post verification click on “Submit” to complete the transaction.



  • What is the Transaction Limit on Funds Transfer?


Below mentioned is the transactions limit for funds transfer:


Transaction Type Minimum Transaction Amount Maximum Transaction Amount
IMPS (IFSC and Account Number) INR 1 INR 2,00,000
IMPS (MMID and Mobile number) INR 1 INR 10,000
RTGS INR 2,00,000 INR 10,00,000
NEFT INR 1 INR 10,00,000


  1. What are the charges applicable on Funds Transfer?


Below mentioned are the charges applicable on funds transfer:


Transaction Amount IMPS NEFT RTGS
<10,000 INR 5 + GST INR 2.5 + GST Not Applicable
INR 10,000 – INR 1,00,000 INR 5 + GST INR 5 + GST Not Applicable
INR1,00,000 – INR 2,00,000 INR 15 + GST INR 15 + GST Not Applicable
INR 2,00,000 – INR 5,00,000 Not Applicable INR 25 + GST INR 5 + GST
INR 5,00,000 – INR 10,00,000 Not Applicable INR 25 + GST INR 5 + GST


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