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Most populations around the world are consuming pharmaceutical drugs in one or the other way. Did you know that according to US statistics, around 66% of the US population consumes at least one prescription drug? Then consider the statistics of other nations and the global population. But have you identified which industry or sector is behind this major support for the healthcare industry?

It is the pharmaceutical industry that is indulged in developing highly effective drugs that help the healthcare industry save millions of people. Students plunging into pharma courses like Dpharma in one of the best D Pharma colleges in India are in extreme demand all around the world.

Let us know more about DPharma and its contribution to the healthcare industry.


Know about the D Pharma course
Contribution of D Pharma to the Healthcare industry
Skilled D Pharma professionals in pharma production
D Pharma in Pharma Research for the Healthcare industry
D Pharma on field healthcare sites
D Pharma in healthcare education
D Pharma support in other healthcare systems

Know about the D Pharma course:

India is the best in many sectors and is currently soaring higher in the pharmaceutical industry with a value of US $42 billion worldwide. This is becoming possible because of renowned colleges like Arya College and many more offering pharmacy courses such as D Pharma.

If you are a student feeling the pharma sector will be the right one for you to establish your career, you can opt for the D Pharma course at esteemed colleges like Arya College, one of the best D Pharma colleges in Rajasthan. Know more about it here:


D Pharma

Full Form

Diploma in Pharmacy

Course Description

D.Pharma course focuses on educating pharmaceutical practices, techniques, methodologies, and manufacturing procedures from scratch level.


Polytechnic level


2 years


Annual mode

Eligibility criteria

Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized educational institution with physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as compulsory subjects.
Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate in 10+2.

Admission process

For DPharma courses in colleges like Arya College, one of the best pharmacy colleges in Jaipur, there are no specific entrance exams, and hence admissions are provided on a merit basis considering a 10+2 score.

Average fee

INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,75,000 for the entire course

Contribution of D Pharma to the healthcare industry:

The Healthcare industry is tremendously expanding in recent decades, especially in the past two years since the Covid strike. People all around the world are paying visits to hospitals, clinics, and health centres frequently due to the strong hit of Covid on people’s immunity.

The majority of the healthcare system works with the support of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is successively operated by skilled pharma graduates in DPharma. Let us know how:

Skilled D Pharma professionals in pharma production:

As the healthcare industry is majorly dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for treating various health ailments ranging from minor wounds to major surgeries, the production of significant pharma drugs is vital.

D Pharma plays a major role in pharma production. Top pharma companies like Reddy’s Laboratories, Mankind Pharma Limited, and many more hire D Pharma professionals to manage pharma production.

Here are certain pharma production roles occupied by D Pharma:

Pharma production roles for D Pharma

Average salary in India (INR)

Average salary abroad (USD)

Production Executive



Quality Maintenance Executive



D Pharma in Pharma Research for the Healthcare industry:

As new diseases are invading the human population randomly around the year, the healthcare industry is dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for the invention and manufacturing of new drugs.

In these scenarios, D Pharma comes into play for assisting in the research module for new drug compositions. Job roles in the pharma industry including D Pharma as follows:

Pharma research roles for D Pharma

Average salary in India (INR)

Average salary abroad (USD)


4.8 LPA


Clinical Research Associate

3.5 LPA


D Pharma on field healthcare sites:

Healthcare sites are majorly hospitals, clinics, and health centres. These healthcare sites hold a separate exclusive section for drugs and medicines and it is the pharmacy.

D pharma graduates are hired greatly in hospital pharmacies, clinic pharmacies, etc. They are responsible for:

Maintaining the pharmacy and its records
Stock updates of medicines in the pharmacy
Medicine supply for patients in the health sites

On the other hand, certain hospitals hire D pharma professionals for lab purposes as they can help with their knowledge of different drugs and their responses to patients.

Here are the job roles that D Pharma fills in healthcare sites:

D Pharma jobs at healthcare sites

Average salary in India (INR)

Average salary abroad (USD)


2.2 LPA


Hospital Pharmacy Director



Pathological Research Scientist

3.25 LPA


D Pharma in healthcare education:

Every industry requires skilled professionals while skilled professionals are produced by respective education institutions such as Arya College, one of the best D Pharma colleges in Jaipur.

D pharma plays a good role in educating future pharma professionals with beneficial skills for the pharmaceutical and allied industries like the healthcare industry.

D Pharma graduates are hired as professors and lecturers in pharmacy education colleges and also in hospitals for guest lectures and education to doctors, etc.

Look at the healthcare education roles for D Pharma:

Healthcare Education role for D Pharma

Average salary in India (INR)

Average salary abroad (USD)

Assistant professor



D Pharma support in other healthcare systems:

D Pharma also handles other substantial healthcare processes such as medical transcription, data analysis of drugs, etc.

D Pharma in other healthcare roles

Average salary in India (INR)

Average salary abroad (USD)

Data Analyst

8.5 LPA


Medical Transcriptionist

3.42 LPA



Exploring the contributions of D Pharma to the healthcare industry has made it clear that the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry are intertwined with each other. The pillar of successive cures in the healthcare industry is the pharma industry which creates drugs for almost all ailments. The pharmacy industry is backed up by skilled pharma graduates with D Pharma from the best D Pharmacy colleges in India, B Pharma, and so on.

Students opting for D Pharma or any other pharma courses have stepped up for a bright career.


1) Which is better, D Pharma or B Pharma?

For students opting for pharmacy courses from the basic level D Pharma is the best option while B Pharma is also convenient if the students have prior knowledge in pharma education.

2) Is D Pharma and Pharm D the same?

No, D Pharma is Diploma in Pharmacy whereas Pharm D is a Doctor of Pharmacy.

3) Is there scope for pharmacy courses abroad?

Yes, there is scope for pharmacy courses abroad as top countries like the US, UK, China, and many more are possessing significant pharmaceutical companies and indulging in critical research.

4) What are the higher education options after D Pharma?

The higher education options after D Pharma include:

B Pharma
Pharm D
5) What stream in 12th is eligible for D Pharma?

Students who studied science stream in 12th with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and/or biology are eligible for D Pharma.

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