May 21, 2024

Gambling Among Aussie Women: Things to Know

Australians are known for being big fans of gambling activities. In fact, over 80% of local adults gamble in this form or another, which is the highest rate worldwide. And the most beloved type of gambling for Aussies is ‘the pokies’ aka slot machines.

There is a common stereotype saying that men are the biggest gamblers in the country. This is not really the case. Women can be equally adventurous when it comes to video slots, table games, and live casino content. Let’s see how this works in Australia.


Gambling Past

Australia has an extensive background in gambling. Since 1881, the country has been trying to establish a safe and secure environment for gambling activities . Slot machines have become the main attraction in the industry. Eventually, entertainment opportunities have been digitalized and legalized.

The legal age for gambling is lower for Australians compared to Americans. For now, it has been established at 18 years of age. In fact, it’s a classic behavior for young Aussies to enjoy video slots on their 18th birthday.

Demographic Transformations

Australian women don’t have to deal with the same stigma of gambling, unlike women in other countries. Instead of seeing gambling as a moral problem, Aussie women consider gambling as an adrenaline-filled adventure. Moreover, they see gambling as a form of empowerment.

In the research made by Deakin University, researchers highlighted the role of Australian women in gambling and how they perceive the industry. Interestingly, women are gambling on more versatile gambling opportunities. And they have better views towards games.

To target the female audience, advertising agencies have to change their tactic. Now they have to create content that would cover the needs of male and female audiences. This actually gives them more freedom to act. They can make accents on scents, fashion, or anything else. And you know what, the ad campaigns are going to be paid off.

Feminized Gambling Space

Promoting digital gambling content is an easy thing to do as long as you know which threads to pull. The specialists from Deakin University mentioned the key factors in female gambling behavior. One of the best ways to build a habit comes in the form of observations. Thus, personal gambling experiences at young ages affect the behaviour of future gamblers.

The research study also indicated that the decision to gamble doesn’t come at age of 18. It is actually determined by family rituals. This takes the form of family dinners, poker evenings, and so on.

Reasonable Social Behavior

Online gambling often becomes part of a group experience. When a group of girls get together to have some fun, they often decide to try casino games. In that case, it doesn’t matter whether each of them gambled before or not. The whole adventure becomes the way of having a nice spending.

The impact of gambling behavior doesn’t stop with a fun adventure. Social behavior plays a great role in the perception of Australian women toward gaming and betting activities. Many women download a gambling app to have fun from the comfort of their homes. The result of such a download was a recommendation from friends.

Bottom Line

When you put family experience, good social context, and targeted marketing together, you get an Australian woman who is ready to challenge her luck at an online casino. While gambling is viewed as taboo in different communities, having a time out “playing the slots” has nothing bad by its definition.

If gambling is done in safe, legal settings, it can be entertaining as much as possible. Feel free to ask the average Aussie woman.

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