May 19, 2024

Do YouTube Likes Affect Your Channel’s Success? Insights and Analysis

When was the last time you used YouTube? I am sure it was just a few minutes ago. There must be some channels you follow and others you get notified in your walls based on the YouTube algorithm. Have you ever realised which channel you often follow? Surprisingly, the algorithm says that 10% of them are those channels which your acquaintance has suggested or owned, and the rest are among the viral ones. The parameter to check the popularity of any YouTube channel is by seeing the number of likes it has.

The question arises do they matter to you if you have a YouTube channel?

Are YouTube likes for channel success mandatory? What are your views on it, and are you owning a YouTube channel? Before proceeding, let us check how these like matter.

1) Heard of the law, more attract more!

This law is applicable in attaining the dream success on YouTube. Ample instances are there where people end up liking those channels that already have tons of likes. I am sure you also have many such subscribed channels through your id. No one likes to be notified of a channel which is not popular; indeed, the mentality remains if the channel is good, it has to be popular. These likes keep a check on the channel’s success.

2) Interesting content

Content never stops ruling the world, and YouTube is all about showing something unique or showing the same thing in a unique way. Good contact always attracts mass; also, people start sharing them at an incredible speed. People also start copying them and start making similar videos. One good example here is MSA, after which so many channels came in the same genre.

3) Gain profit


A channel with maximum likes starts earning in different ways. Let me add this surprise package in parts. It is in no way a joke, and the earning here is beyond one can imagine if you know how to encash it properly. Instead of adding to the suspense, let us discuss the ways one by one:


YouTube monetisation

YouTube pays to the creators whose content people love to watch and whose channel has covered the required watch hours and a number of subscribers. It is possible only when you have many likes on your YouTube channel. Once you start earning from a financial point of view, it is a success.


You can collaborate with the brands and entities to promote them or their brands through videos on your channel. Here the benefits you gain can be in cash or non-cash form, but by the end, you always remain on the gaining side. These days several leading brands ask YouTubers to promote their products. In return, they offer them a good amount of money or equal-value products. Some collaborators also attached to YouTubers to grow with them. Here the benefits come in the form of subscribers and more like on your YouTube videos. It is already clear that such offers come to those channels that are already a success in their respective field. Pretty often, they check the views, likes and the number of subscribers a YouTube channel has before assigning them this work.

Heard of travel videos?

If you are still not sure, then let me educate you that if your travel videos are doing well on YouTube, there is a possibility that the tourism and hospitality industry may connect with you to promote them. You can earn in cash mode or as a free stay, food and other facilities here. Indeed, it is an excellent way to earn. Nevertheless, they check the views, likes and number of subscribers before hiring you.

Unboxing videos

If your unboxing videos are doing well on the internet, you are all set to hit the market with a bang. Such videos with massive likes often attract more clients who are keen that you promote their products through the unboxing version. It is a new trend for every potential buyer to check everything through such videos before buying anything. Likes are indeed the first parameter here!


4) Commence a business

Now almost tutorials are available for every single thing, and if your YouTube channel has sufficient likes, you can start selling through your channel. You need no other platform in the initial days to promote your product. If you are selling services, you already have a set audience from day one through this channel. You can be sure that your business will reach a good number of people if the number of YouTube likes is more on your channel.

What to do if your channel struggles to attain the number of likes it should have?

The answer to this tedious question can commence with a simple solution. First, let me tell you hard work pays, and consistency stays in the heart of your subscribers, so with these two, follow the suggestions below to conquer the YouTube world.

Take the aid of third-party

Websites like FBPostLikes can help you to reach the position that you crave for! You need to select the plan that suits your budget and requirement from their website. Their website offers real YouTube likes, views and subscribers to their clients. Here you can be sure that these services are coming from active accounts and can attract more engagement in the future. The process to get them is too simple. Just choose the package, pay for it through the selected payment mode and start counting the increasing figures. Their customer service is available 24X7 so that you can reach out to them without any hassle in case of any requirement. They never ask for your credentials, nor do they share your privacy with any app. Just share the channel or video link, and you are all set.

Uploading high-quality content

Quality matters in almost all fields; YouTube is no way away from this fact. Remember to upload videos with excellent quality with interesting content. The camera used in the video shoot should be of good quality and never miss to amaze the audience with some uniqueness. Adding surprises at different steps, like screen flipping, sudden rewind, or any creativity the audience had never witnessed, can also be the lost cherry on the pie.


A good set of audiences choose the videos based on the thumbnail image or video. Try to add something that is super attractive or unique. It will develop curiosity among the audience, who will definitely click on it. If your content is good, you will win the likes then.

Requesting your audience

Requesting your audience in a unique way somewhere between the beginning or at the end of the video to like or subscribe is a good idea. Try to come up with something different in every video whenever you want to appeal to them to like your video. Just saying to press the bell icon is insufficient in today’s creative world. Promising a prize that you can afford to give or taking their story through your channel is a good idea here.

Connecting with your audience

No one likes one-way communication; surely your audience must be bored of it by now. Streaming live at intervals and trying to answer the comments is a good idea here. Once they start feeling that you hear them and you care for their feelings, too, you will get their likes and loyalty forever. Make sure to prepare an exciting topic whenever you stream live to interact in a better way with your audience. If you go live without anything planned, then after some time, you may sound fool in front of them. You may run short of topics and sometimes fail to answer the query of those who are watching you! Your preparation here is, indeed, essential!

Wrapping up

YouTube is among those platforms that have long been sustained and with several existing hopes. We all have grown older by watching videos over it and still, maybe somewhere in future, will advise the same thing to our kids. Presently, everything is there on YouTube, be it a song, movie, tips and tricks, travel guide or whatever you have in your mind. In fact, there are varieties of these videos, and you choose the one based on your fondness towards the creator, thumbnail or the catchy lines associated with it.

People are still earning through this, and it seems this journey will last forever. You just need to remember to touch a pinch of creativity, uniqueness, and high quality to it. Everyone is making videos, but only the one with good innovation will sustain in the race. Keep grabbing likes on your videos to multiply the number of your success here. If you are still confused, re-read the whole thing from the beginning. YouTube Likes affect your channel’s success, and you can win over every competitor only if you cover something that has never been covered in the past differently. Keep uploading videos! We wish you good luck!


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