June 20, 2024

Choose the Best Sleepwell Mattress Under Rs. 10,000 for a Restful Sleep

  When looking for a mattress, it is undoubtedly important to look for comfort, material and other such attributes as a priority. But the mass audience emphasises one other factor beyond the quality considerations, and that’s pricing! Most people around India often intend to buy the best mattress under 10000.

 Why? It is mostly because not everyone has their own budget, and they don’t want to go beyond it for their sleep comfort. Brands like Sleepwell understand this customer need and have a range of not just luxury but also affordable mattress options under 10000.

 Just because the mattresses are priced low doesn’t imply poor-quality products. Sleepwell takes utmost care to ensure that every mattress gets embedded with a specific comfort quotient to justify the price range and ensure good sleep for the customers.

 If you land on the website Sleepwell and set your filters to look for mattresses under 10000, you will be overwhelmed with options. There are several single-bed mattresses under this budget, and you might also get some double-bed or queen-size mattresses under the same range.

 But the point is, how to come to a final decision on which Sleepwell mattress is perfect for you? Well, the first approach should be to narrow down the available budgeted options based on your selected criteria. And this article is here to help you with the needful.

 Read along this article till the end to explore the list of the top mattresses by Sleepwell under 10000. You will get to know their perks in brief, to be able to decide if that’s the one! So, let’s get started with it!



4 Best Sleepwell Mattress Options Under the Budget of Rs. 10,000

 If you are in search of an affordable mattress, Sleepwell is one of the best brands for you to count on. Why? It is mostly because this brand emphasises bringing in options meant for customers with varying preferences. May it be budget, comfort, luxury or modern technologies, Sleepwell has it all for you.

 In this case, let’s shed light on some of the top mattresses under 10000 that are available at the Sleepwell online store:


1. Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress

 It is the first mattress on the list, not just because of its price under Rs. 10,000, but also because it is packed with immense comfort and body support qualities. Firstly, you can get a single bed version of this mattress in either a 5-inch or 6-inch build under the decided budget. There is an 8-inch version as well, but that would cost slightly more than Rs. 10,000, which you can consider waiving off with some bank discounts.

 This mattress can be a perfect pick for you, as it offers a medium firm feel, enhanced support, better air circulation and breathability. It is made with the cool gel-infused foam concept that helps keep the mattress cool down so you do not sleep hot at night. The event gel impressions are meant to adapt to your body curves, offering relief from pain and pressure at joints.

 The profiled PU foam is designed ergonomically with unique techniques, ensuring the strain from your pressure points is relieved. Fine quality raw materials are used in the making of this mattress, better than most of the conventional foams in the market. At this price point, the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress is probably the best option for customers to count on.



  •     Thickness ranges are available in 5, 6 and 8 inches.
  •     Get a medium level of firmness with it.
  •     A zipper cover is made available with the mattress.
  •     Cool-gel-infused foam technology is used.


2. Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

 The next most popular product by Sleepwell is the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress, and the single bed options with varying thicknesses of 5, 6 and 8 inches are all available under Rs. 10,000. The customers can also prefer the queen size option of the Dual Pro Profiled mattress, which costs slightly more than the specified budget but is worth considering.

 The best thing about this Dual Pro Profiled mattress is your muscles get immense relaxation and ventilation. In accordance with that, the wave design on it will give you a massage-like feel and promote better breathability. One of the best features of this mattress is it is reversible. It means you can turn the mattress upside down and use it for a different level of comfort.

 One side of the mattress is presented with a light fabric tone, whereas the other side is represented with a dark tone. The lighter tone of this mattress denotes a gentle feel, whereas the dark tone represents a firm feel. Depending on your mood or comfort needs, you can easily switch the mattress sides and get your required comfort.



  •     Made with soft and profiled PU foam.
  •     Provided both gentle as well as firm feel.
  •     Available in 5, 6 and 8-inch thickness options.
  •     Comes with a zipped cover.


3. Fitrest Premium Mattress

 If you want to get one of the premium Sleepwell mattresses but stay within the budget of Rs. 10,000, the Fitrest Premium Mattress is the perfect option. The single bed option of this product comes in both 5 and 6-inch variants, both under the budget of Rs. 10,000. You can also avail a couple of size variants while still being within the budget.

 This mattress makes itself to the list because of its luxury and premium status. Sleeping on this mattress will give you a luxurious and gentle feel. You will be getting a plush quilting that will ensure you find it cosy to move around the bed and fall asleep within just a few minutes. With this product, you will experience a superior contouring effect and enhanced air circulation.

 Sleepwell uses premium fabric that offers a smooth texture that’s not just strong but also easy to maintain. It comes with a double layer quilting to implement that plush feel. This enhances the rate of heat dissipation and airflow to eliminate the effect of humidity over the surface. Thus, you will be experiencing better moisture dissipation. Moreover, you also get an Acuprofile support layer with the mattress, which is designed in a wave pattern to provide your body with immense relaxation at the pressure points.



  •     Comes with a luxurious and gentle feel.
  •     Supports better air circulation and breathability.
  •     Avail a contour hugging effect.
  •     Available in 5 and 6-inch thickness options. 

4. UTSAV 2.0 Mattress

 It is one of the most budgeted options available with Sleepwell for you to attain a comfortable sleep. The best part is, the single as well as queen size options are under Rs. 10,000, giving you a good consideration. This mattress is available with 4.5 and 5.5-inch thickness, suitable for most bed types. Considering the price range, it offers you a good amount of comfort and support benefits.

 The top surface feel is soft, but you will still be getting an optimal level of firmness, ensuring superior support and comfort. It gets a double-layered ingenious foam that guarantees a plush feel. Moreover, such a construction also works towards enhancing the airflow and making the mattress more breathable to sleep on. Irrespective of what sleeping position you prefer, the UTSAV mattress will provide you with balanced comfort.

 Due to the use of Sleepwell Soft Resitec foam, you will be getting a cushiony comfort on the mattress, alongside a gentle bounce. It also uses a hard PU foam that has an altered density to offer you firm body support. The foam used in the making of this mattress also supports motion isolation properties, ensuring you can sleep with utmost comfort without being disturbed by your partner’s movements at night.



  •     You get a medium-firm feel, optimal for back and body support.
  •     Available in 4.5 and 5.5-inch thickness.
  •     You can buy a single bed as well as a queen-size mattress under 10000.



With this, you now have four options to help you pick the best affordable mattress online. If Rs.10,000 is your budget, you will mostly be getting the single bed options and queen size for some products. But you can always use the custom option across the product pages of these budgeted mattresses and see what maximum size you can avail of within the select budget. 

Believe it or not, the process of placing an order for a custom affordable mattress isn’t that big a hassle. Everything is well-guided across the site of Sleepwell. So, if these mattresses listed above have rung your bells and given you clarity on what you might need to attain your sleep comfort, it is time you go ahead and check more details about them and place your orders. 

Do check out the current offers, freebies or discounts that you get, either from Sleepwell or from your bank, to have the liberty to go a bit higher on your budget and acquire the best option of all.

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