July 20, 2024

4 Best SQL Online Courses for Aspiring Data Professionals in 2023

If you are a programmer, developer, IT professional, Data Scientist, or software engineer looking to enhance your skills in databases and SQL, you’ve come to the right place. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful programming language used to interact with databases, making it a crucial skill for various professions. In this article, we’ll share some of the best SQL and database courses available online to help you master this invaluable technology.

SQL allows you to create, manage, and manipulate database objects like tables and stored procedures. It enables you to store and retrieve data, providing insights and answers to critical questions. SQL skills are highly sought after across industries, as data has become the backbone of modern businesses. By investing in learning SQL, you not only add value to your CV but also gain a skill that is likely to remain relevant for years to come.


    The Complete SQL Bootcamp [Udemy’s Best SQL Course]

The Complete SQL Bootcamp on Udemy is a top-notch option for aspiring SQL learners seeking a comprehensive and beginner-friendly course. The course is designed and instructed by data science and python programmer, Jose Portilla. This course is designed to take you from a novice to a proficient SQL practitioner. The course is a beginner-friendly hence, does not require any prior programming experience. The course primarily focuses on PostgreSQL but the skills learned can also be applied to other databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc.

  • SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Udemy – Stephen Grider

SQL and PostgreSQL: The complete Developer’s Guide on Udemy course is one of the ultimate destination for mastering SQL and PostgreSQL. This course is designed and instructed by Stephen Grider who is an Engineer Architect with over 7 years of teaching experience. The course offers a fully hands-on learning experience, ensuring you’re well-prepared to handle various data-centric challenges. In this course, you will learn to store and fetch data, tune queries, and design efficient database structures. 

  • SQL for Data Science [Coursera’s Best SQL Course] 

This comprehensive SQL course is perfect for those learning SQL for Data Science. The course is offered by the University of California (UCDavis) and instructed by Sadie St. Lawrence, this course is part of the Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization on Coursera. 

The course covers SQL fundamentals, data analysis, and working with data using SQLite. By completing all the courses and the project, you can earn a certificate. Remarkably, over 39% of learners reported starting a new career after this course, with 34% experiencing tangible career benefits and 10% receiving pay increases or promotions.

  • An Introductory Guide to SQL [Educative’s Best SQL Course]


This interactive SQL course is designed to introduce you to SQL and equip you with essential skills used by developers and data scientists daily. By focusing on MySQL, one of the most widely used RDBMS, you’ll gain practical knowledge applicable in various real-world scenarios. Some of the main topics covered in this course include SQL fundamentals, Multi-table operations, Nested Queries, and Views Setup.


Mastering SQL is an essential step for any data professional, programmer, or software engineer. With these top-notch online courses from reputable platforms like Udemy and Coursera, you can build a solid foundation in SQL and database management. These courses are beneficial for beginner as well as experienced programmer. Invest in yourself today and get on the path to becoming a seasoned SQL expert ready to unlock the power of data in the digital age.


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