Hey guys, what is up. In this particular post, we will be talking about what is technology. What are its uses and what are emerging technologies? As you all have heard about the word technology.

But do we know what is technology?


Technology is the branch of science which deals with the use of technical things and their correlation with industry, art, science, etc, and inheriting new useful things. When our knowledge and science are put together for practical purposes it will help in solving problems. “Technology” is the word that every one of us aware of. As we are living in the 21st century and we know that it is the most integral part of our lives. In this era, we all are familiar with it. We use technology for our day-to-day purpose from talking to our friends, online classes, watching television, etc.

But do we use it wisely?

Technology has both its pros and cons. We should use this as a gift which is given to us by the scientists. We should use this to inherit new skills and development. It’s a human-made resource which when used effectively can lead to a better lifestyle and will lead to our development. Almost all the things around you together are “TECHNOLOGY”. So I should be referring to that we don’t surround technology, but it surrounds us. We all are used to every product around us.

Do we know when technology was discovered?

It was originated and developed by early man. Yes, all heard right the first-ever technology was invented and was used by our ancestors usually know as early humans. They created stone tools which were invented around 2.5 million years ago. They used them for hunting. As time passed they created bullock carts to go from one place to another. Fire is also one of the greatest inventions by them.


gadgets technology

Now you know what is technology, how it was created. Now it is time to know more about examples of technology. Gadgets are the most important part of technology.

 Firstly, I would like to start with television. We all know what is television and we use it for watching shows, dramas, fiction, etc. Instead of watching all these, we should devote that time to watch scientific shows, geographical channels, news, and various life updates.

Now I will be talking about the most common, most used device by people of almost all age groups i.e. mobile phones. It’s like a drug that caused addiction. Once we start using children of our ages are addicted to games, chatting, sharing, or watching inappropriate materials. In our age, we will find very few who would be using it conveniently. We have surrounded ourselves with it which includes Instagram, Netflix, amazon prime, pubg, and hundreds more.

Technology has its harmful effects also:

 Like the harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) released by excessive use of refrigerators and ACs. These also cause global warming and further leading to the melting of glaciers and ozone holes. Excessive use of phones leads to the weakening of eyesight.

Now let us talk about what are latest technologies:-

In the upcoming post, you will be getting brief information about the latest technologies, their uses. So stay tuned for an upcoming post.

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